Industries require top of the range machines for efficiency and effectiveness purposes. On that account, material handling systems come in handy to deliver fantastic results. They entail equipment that can aid in the mobilization of loads within an area. Thus, they can pick and move products from one place to another seamlessly. The systems primarily operate perfectly due to top-notch technology. They include appliances, tools, vehicles and storage units alike. Well, let’s unearth the key elements around the material handling systems.


Material handling systems fall under four main categories as follows;

  • Storage equipment
  • Industrial trucks
  • Engineered systems
  • Bulk handling equipment

Storage Equipment                   

It is the equipment that holds materials waiting to be moved to another location for use. Alternatively, it stores products that have already been transported. One vital feature in this kind is that they are not automatic. Depending on the sector, the handling systems are normally spacious. Thus, it allows the stock to be in great condition without any damages. It also makes the items presentable and neat at the end of the production process. In this collection, you will find essential machines such as shelving, sliding racks, and pallet racks. In addition to that, there are stacking frames, push-back racks, and drive-through racks as well.

Industrial Trucks

They are trucks that aid in transportation in various industries. Industrial trucks have different specs depending on their designs. They can be large or small vehicles that can be operated by hand.  Most of them are automated to make work more straightforward and painless. The manual trucks are also a form of storage when the items need to be moved after some time. They include pallet trucks that function primarily as mobility tools. AGVs are part of industrial trucks that are utterly powered by other devices. What’s more, pallet jacks, order pickers, side-loaders, and walking stackers are in the group.

Engineered Systems

The material handling systems are also automated to suit the manufacturing process. They come as a complete package with shelves, aisles, and racks. In terms of performance, they are practical as they entail transportation and storage. Furthermore, some machines fully utilize the work of a computer. On the flip side, others will need manual guidance by a small margin. The gadgets have unique characteristics of automatic storage plus retrieval system. Noteworthy examples are conveyor systems, AGVs, and robotics delivery systems.

Bulk Handling Equipment

It handles goods such as food, liquids, beverages, metals, and minerals. The products are in large quantities as the name bulk implies. Essentially, the equipment is utilized for mobility reasons. It transports the loose materials for one pint to another with the utmost safety. The direction it moves is both vertical and horizontal using different bulk handling equipment. The conveyor belt goes sideways while the elevators transport upwards. Hoppers and drummers help to filter out the loose matter for packaging. Under this type, stackers, reclaimers, silos, grain, and bucket elevators are present. The appliances work complementarily to make the procedure triumphant and undemanding.